Atmo Gas Capsule in manufacture

Atmo Biosciences ramps up production of ingestible gas-sensing capsule

Atmo Biosciences is ramping up manufacture of its third generation Atmo Gas Capsule at Planet Innovation’s ISO 13485:2016 certified medtech manufacturing facility.

Hundreds of capsules are being manufactured in coming months for use in multiple clinical trials, including a study that is underway at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden to better understand the impact of carbohydrates on people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

The ground-breaking ingestible gas-sensing capsule is a digital biomarker for gastrointestinal health. Once swallowed, it continuously profiles clinically important gases as it passes through the gastrointestinal tract, transmitting the data to the cloud in real-time for aggregation and analysis. The latest generation of the capsule offers improved performance and improved manufacturability.

Atmo Biosciences CEO Mal Hebblewhite said: “Atmo is entering an exciting phase, as we begin new studies using the third generation Atmo Gas Capsule. Our technology enables researchers to gain a better understanding of gut health and microbiome function, enabling better diagnosis and treatment for disorders such as IBS.”

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