News 2020
17 DECEMBER, 2020

Podcast: Unlocking the Gut Health “Black Box” with Atmo Biosciences

Our CEO Malcolm Hebblewhite recently chatted with Theresa “Sam” Houghton of The Modern Health Nerd podcast about how Atmo is shining a light on the mysteries of the human gut, and what that could mean for the millions of people who suffer from gut disorders like IBS and IBD.
Listen to the discussion below or search for “The Modern Health Nerd” on Apple Podcasts, Overcast or Spotify.


14 OCTOBER, 2020

Atmo CEO Mal Hebblewhite interviewed on ausbiz

Atmo CEO Malcolm Hebblewhite was interviewed live in the ausbiz studio about how Atmo Biosciences can improve diagnosis and management of gastrointestinal disorders.


20 JULY, 2020

Atmo Biosciences wins $620K grant to advance commercialization of ingestible gas-sensing capsule to diagnose gut disorders

Atmo Biosciences has been awarded a $620,000 Australian Government grant through the BioMedTech Horizons (BMTH) program.


2 JUNE, 2020

Atmo Biosciences raises $2.5m in seed financing

Atmo Biosciences has raised a further A$2.5 million in an oversubscribed funding round, supplementing an initial seed raise in March 2019.